Patient Care Model

The HiQCell® Patient Care Model

The HiQCell Patient Care Model explains the relationship between the patient, HiQCell Treating Medical Practitioner, clinic facility and Regeneus.

HiQCel patient care model, demonstrating relationship between medical specialists, Regeneus and medical facilities.

HiQCell Treating Medical Practitioners

  • Medical reputation/expertise to diagnose and present treatment options;
  • Provide the primary patient relationship;
  • Conduct the HiQCell procedure and supervise all aspects of patient treatment.


  • Provides patented technology;
  • Provides in-clinic laboratory - equipment and staffing;
  • Provides HiQCell treatment protocol - training and monitoring;
  • Provides patient safety tracking (microbiological testing);
  • Provides patient Registry for treatment follow-up;
  • Provides Practitioner support (education/admin).

Medical Facility

  • Provides high quality hospital/clinic facility;
  • Hosts cell processing laboratory space;
  • Provides in-theatre nursing support;
  • Provides patient Pre and Post operation care.