ASX announcements

Date Title
06/02/2018 Regeneus Announces Successful Results in Acne Study
12/02/2018 Japanese Patent Office to grant patent for cancer vaccine technology
14/02/2018 Progenza granted Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product designation by European Medicines Agency
20/02/2018 Regeneus 2018 Half-Year Results and Business Update
20/02/2018 Regeneus Presentation on Half Year Results FY18
07/03/2018 Positive trial results of Progenza for knee osteoarthritis
03/05/2018 Appendix 3Y Change of Director's Interest Notice
29/06/2018 R and D loan facility approved - ASX listing rule waiver
03/07/2018 Update on licensing Progenza in Japan
10/07/2018 Regeneus announces United States Patent Office decision to allow patent for Progenza
25/07/2018 Price Query - Response to ASX
30/07/2018 Positive clinical trial results for cancer vaccine
30/08/2018 Regeneus 2018 Full-Year Results and Business Update
30/08/2018 Regeneus - FY18 Results and Business Update Presentation
30/08/2018 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
06/09/2018 Regeneus receives R and D tax incentive of $2.4m
18/09/2018 Notice on Annual General Meeting
19/09/2018 Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice
18/10/2018 Progenza - European Patent Office issues Notice of Intention to Grant European Patent
19/10/2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting 22 November 2018 and Explanatory Statement
31/10/2018 Regeneus to present at AusBiotech 2018 - Australia's Life Sciences Conference
22/11/2018 Chairman's Address to Shareholders
22/11/2018 CEO Presentation to 2018 Annual General Meeting
22/11/2018 Results of Annual General Meeting
03/12/2018 Chinese Patent for Biomarkers to Monitor Disease Progression for Stem Cell Therapy