HiQCell stem cell therapy now available in Melbourne

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

HiQCell treatment in Melbourne has commenced with specialist sports and exercise physician Dr Philip Bloom at Bounce Health Group, in conjunction with Linley Clinic Private Hospital, where a new state of the art cell-processing laboratory has been established.

Equipped and staffed by regenerative medicine company Regeneus (ASX: RGS), the laboratory will enable registered medical specialists to treat their patients with HiQCell, an innovative stem cell therapy for musculoskeletal conditions. HiQCell is the stem cell therapy of choice for many leading sports medicine and orthopaedic specialists. Cell therapy, using a patient’s own stem cells from fat tissue, was pioneered by Regeneus and since 2011 has been used to treat more than 350 people and over 800 arthritic joints. The cell therapy procedure is supported by randomised controlled clinical data and long-term data is tracked through Australia’s first Joint Registry for stem cell therapy. Regeneus has developed a best in class procedure and manufacturing protocol for safe cell harvest, optimal cell yield in 60 minutes processing time and the option for storing patient’s stem cells for future reinjections. The latest clinical trial biomarker results provide the treating physician with new proprietary tools to assess, monitor and measure the impact of cell therapy.

The HiQCell treatment involves harvesting a small amount of a patient’s own stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue and after separating and concentrating the regenerative cells these are re-injected in osteoarthritic affected joints such as knees, hips and ankles. The HiQCell treatment, which reduces inflammation and repairs damaged tissue is carried out under the supervision of the treating medical specialist. Dr Philip Bloom, who has evaluated the appropriateness of stem cell therapy as a patient treatment option for over twelve months prior to partnering with Regeneus said, “HiQCell provides a viable treatment option for mid-stage age or impact related OA patients who might otherwise face ongoing debilitating pain, loss of function, the inability to play sport and reduced quality of life”.

Ms Ann O’Connor, Director of Nursing at Linley Clinic said, "we see the HiQCell technique as offering a significant advance in medicine and are proud to be partnering with Regeneus in Victoria. Our state-of-the-art facilities and superb nursing care will ensure that patients get the best possible treatment”.

Regeneus Commercial Development Director Steven Barbera said “the treatment offering by Bounce Health Group practitioners and the Linley Clinic Private Hospital is both important and exciting for Regeneus. It is another step in the development of our services which now extends to NSW, Queensland and Victoria where we work closely with all our partners to deliver high quality outcomes for patients”.