Patent granted for cancer vaccine technology

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Regeneus (ASX: RGS), a clinical-stage regenerative medicine technology company, today announced that the Australian Patent Office has granted a patent covering the use of cancer vaccine technology for the treatment of a range of cancers in humans and animals.

Under the licence agreement from Northern Sydney Local Health District, Regeneus has exclusive rights to develop and commercialise the cancer vaccine technology for human and animal health applications in all major territories.

Australian patent number, 201320386, entitled "Vaccines for the treatment or prevention of cancer" provides commercial rights in Australia through to 11 April 2033. This patent is also being pursued for grant in other key territories including the USA, Japan and Europe.

The technology uses a patient's own cancer cells combined with an immunostimulant that is designed to re-educate the immune system to target cancer cells in both existing and new tumours.

The technology was developed by researchers at the Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory, which is the research arm of the Medical Oncology Department at Royal North Shore Hospital and part of the Kolling Institute, Northern Sydney Local Health District. In a pre-clinical brain tumour model, vaccination led to remission rates of up to 60% and significantly extended survival in all vaccinated animals. Re-challenging animals in remission demonstrated 100% tumour rejection indicating acquired immunity.

The patent supports the company's RGSH4K and Kvax clinical programs. RGSH4K is being used in a Phase 1 safety study in humans on a wide range of tumours. Kvax is the subject of a US study for the treatment of canine osteosarcoma which is fully recruited. Kvax is also the subject of a recently announced study for the treatment of canine lymphosarcoma in combination with chemotherapy.

Regeneus has 49 patents or patent applications across 14 patent families.