Patent granted for protecting cryopreserved stem cells

Friday, 19 December 2014
  • Regeneus technology safeguards cells against loss of viability and functionality caused by freezing process;

Regenerative medicine company, Regeneus Ltd (ASX: RGS), announced today the granting by the Australian Patent Office of Australian patent number 2013203072. This Regeneus owned patent covers a method for freezing cells that maintains viability and functionality of the cells. The method utilises Regeneus’ secretions technology to protect the cells during the freeze and thawing process.

Regeneus’ secretions technology uses the molecules (including cytokines and growth factors) that are secreted by mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Regeneus has developed technology and protocols for the production of secretions from adipose (fat)-derived MSCs and has discovered that when cells are mixed with these secretions prior to freezing the viability and functionality of the cells is maintained. This technology is applicable to many different cell types.

Regeneus CSO, Professor Graham Vesey said, “Off-the-shelf cell therapy products need to be stored and delivered to the patient in a frozen state. The viability, functionality and subsequent efficacy of these frozen and then thawed cells are critical for maximizing therapeutic value. When cells are frozen, damage can occur that causes the cells to lose their ability to function correctly. The cells may still be alive but are too damaged to have a therapeutic effect. Our research shows that when cells are mixed with secretions from MSCs prior to being frozen the cells maintain their functionality. Regeneus is using this technology in a number of our off-the- shelf cell therapy products”.

A recent news story from the BBC highlights the issues with the loss of cell function after freezing cells.

This is the second Regeneus patent to be granted in Australia and follows on from the announcement of a Regeneus patent being granted on the 14th November for the treatment of acne. Regeneus has 11 patent families covering their technology and products, which are at various stages of the patent review process. The company anticipates further patents being granted this financial year.