Regeneus stem cells show promise as new treatment option for sufferers of chronic neuropathic pain

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Regenerative medicine company Regeneus (ASX: RGS), announced today the publication of a paper in the Journal of Pain Research describing safety and early efficacy data for the use of the company’s stem cell therapy (HiQCell®) for neuropathic pain sufferers whereby patients suffer from persistent, severe and intolerable pain in the face and dental region. This new study confirms that HiQCell appears to offer a viable new strategy for treatment of neuropathic pain that affects up to 6% of the population.

The study investigated the impact of HiQCell on pain in the trigeminal cranial nerve (oral and facial region) and was conducted by the team of world-leading pain management specialist and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Russell Vickers and plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr John Flood. The paper concluded: “This preliminary open-labeled study showed autologous administration of stem cells for neuropathic trigeminal pain significantly reduced pain intensity at 6 months and is a safe and well tolerated intervention.”

Dr Vickers said: “managing chronic pain often requires a multidisciplinary approach and current pharmaceutical medication can cause adverse side effects. In the study group, in addition to a significant reduction in pain, there were improvements in headache, cosmetic facial deficits and myelinated nerves. Our pioneering work with Regeneus has shown long-term, life changing improvements to my patients, when stem cell treatment is used alongside my traditional techniques.”

The HiQCell treatment involves harvesting a small amount of a patient’s own stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue and after separating and concentrating the regenerative cells these are reinjected. This technique has been established with treating musculoskeletal conditions. The HiQCell treatment, which reduces inflammation and repairs damaged tissue, is carried out under the supervision of the patients’ treating medical specialist. The neuropathic pain patients have been treated at North Shore Specialist Day Hospital in Sydney’s Greenwich, which contains a Regeneus state of the art cell-processing laboratory.

Regeneus Clinical Development Director, Dr Richard Lilischkis said, “to date the pioneering work of HiQCell has focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Following extensive research and development, we are working with our medical specialist partners to offer a therapeutic treatment option for patients suffering with neuropathic pain. We look forward to continuing offering stem cell clinical treatment options with North Shore Specialist Day Hospital to deliver high quality outcomes for patients”. Regeneus will continue to explore pain more generally and how HiQCell could be applied to other indications.

The paper can be accessed at:

“A preliminary report on stem cell therapy for neuropathic pain in humans”