Indication: Topical treatment of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions and wound healing
Technology Platform: Sygenus

Product pipeline

The pipeline progress of the cell secretions product

We have developed an allogeneic cell secretion for use as a topical application for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and wound healing.

We have focused our efforts on developing the optimal secretions-based formulation for topical applications and worked with CSIRO on technologies for scale-up manufacturing.

Points of difference

The bioactive secretions utilise molecules secreted by MSCs, such as cytokines and growth factors, to work in concert to reduce pain and inflammation and encourage accelerated healing and repair.

Inflammatory skin conditions and wound healing are proving to be one of the most promising and near term areas for cell-based regenerative medicine products. With few treatment innovations or improvements in the treatment of acne over the past 10 years, the demand for new improved acne treatments is high. Despite this, the global market for acne-based prescription treatments is over $3 billion per annum.

Next steps for Sygenus

We will continue our discussions with parties for development and commercialisation opportunities for topical applications for the Sygenus, exploring both the therapeutic and cosmetic markets.