Human Cancer Vaccine

Indication: Cancer immunotherapy targeting solid tumour types
Technology Platform: Autologous (personalised) cancer vaccine

Product pipeline

The progress of the human cancer vaccine through the Regeneus product pipeline

RGSH4K is a vaccine manufactured from a patient’s own cancer cells. The vaccine activates the immune system against the cancer cells to effectively fight them.

RGSH4K is currently being used in a Phase 1 clinical trial. For further information on this clinical trial, please refer to our Trials page.

Points of difference

Autologous cancer vaccines have been extensively studied and reveal a favourable side effect profile when compared to traditional chemotherapy or recent immunotherapies such as monoclonal antibodies. Autologous vaccines work by stimulating the body’s immune system to attack the tumour proteins and therefore features a more gradual and ‘gentle’ mechanism than standard chemotherapy, which is designed to be toxic to all rapidly growing cells in the body.

Autologous vaccines offer a patient specific, personalised treatment that contains the right mix of tumour associated antigens (TAAs) for the body to recognise and attack. The benefit of the human cancer vaccine is the ability of the vaccine to accurately match the circulating and existing tumour cells in a patient’s body. Multiple treatment courses can be manufactured per patient tumour sample.

Next steps for RGSH4K

We will explore the opportunity of combining RGSH4K with a promising group of immunotherapy products known as checkpoint inhibitors. These inhibitors are being used in combination to achieve excellent responses by stopping the cancer from blocking the action of the body’s immune cells.

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