90 Seconds With...Dr Alan Dunton

Regeneus (ASX:RGS) is a leading pain management and clinical-stage regenerative medicine company.

In a bid to fast-track its push for global growth, the company recently appointed two experienced leaders in life sciences and biotechnology to its board, including Dr Dunton.

Dr Dunton is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leader with over 35 years of experience in senior company leadership roles, spanning pharmaceutical research and development to private biotechnology companies focussed on prescriptive treatment and the commercialisation of over-the-counter drugs on a global scale.

Of the appointment, Regeneus CEO Leo Lee said: “Dr Dunton’s wealth of knowledge in commercialising drugs on a global scale places Regeneus in a strong position to create a huge uplift in value for shareholders.”

Stockhead spoke with Dr Dunton about his recent appointment and the potential of Regeneus’ cell therapy technology.

Watch Dr Dunton's full video interview with Stockhead here.

Positive promise of stem cell therapy

Regenerating every cell, tissue or organ in the body, curing genetic disorders and chronic diseases, alleviating pain and delaying the onset of ageing, these are the altruistic promises of stem cell therapy.

A key driver of the regenerative medicine market, stem cell therapy’s infinite applications have biotechs racing to the clinical trial finishing line. More than 600 stem cell patents have been filed within Australia in the last five years and over 500 companies globally are involved in stem cell product development.

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Regeneus prepares for global growth with appointment of life sciences industry leaders

ASX listed regenerative medicine company Regeneus (ASX: RGS) has today announced the appointments of John Chiplin, PhD and Alan W. Dunton, M.D. to its board of directors.

Joining Regeneus as Non-Executive Directors, both Chiplin and Dunton bring significant experience in leading and growing large-scale life sciences and biotechnology companies internationally.

The appointments come at a time when Regeneus is seeking to roll out its global growth strategy targeting the global pain market.

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90 Seconds With...Leo Lee

Regeneus (ASX:RGS) announced this week that Dr John Chiplin, PhD and Dr Alan Dunton, M.D. have joined its board to support the company’s global growth strategy.

Dr Chiplin is Managing Director of Newstar Ventures and has significant operational, investment and transactions experienced in the international life science and technology industries.

Previously, he’s served as CEO at three publicly-listed software, biotechnology and cancer immunotherapy companies.

Dr Dunton is a senior pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leader with experience across large pharmaceutical research and development organisations as well as private biotech companies focused on prescriptive treatment and the development and commercialisation of over-the-counter drugs on a global and local scale.

Regeneus’ CEO Leo Lee spoke with Stockhead about the potential impact of the new appointments.

Watch Leo's full video interview with Stockhead here.

Regeneus ramps up global focus with addition of industry leaders

Regeneus Ltd (ASX: RGS), a leading pain management and clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, has fast-tracked its push for global growth following the appointments of two highly successful leaders in life sciences and biotechnology to its board.

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Regeneus' newly-appointed CEO Leo Lee discusses strategic plans for growth

Leo Lee, the newly-appointed CEO of Regeneus Ltd (ASX:RGS), speaks to Proactive Investors about the Australian clinical-stage regenerative medicine company's operations, and the wider scientific field.

The company holds a number of patents, and is focusing on global expansion, as it advances treatments in the areas of osteoarthritis, cancer, and dermatology.

Watch Leo's full interview with Proactive Investors here.

Several interested parties in Japan

Regeneus has revised expected timing of an osteoarthritis (OA) clinical development licence deal for Progenza in Japan to Q4 CY18 (vs Q218); it is currently in active discussions with several parties. A licence deal would trigger a US$5m milestone payment from partner AGC and would effectively see Progenza commence a Phase II trial in knee OA in Japan.

Regeneus is in separate discussions with potential licensees for other indications and territories for Progenza, as well as for its other pipeline products. We roll forward our rNPV model to FY19, which lifts our valuation to A$181m (vs A$170m) or A$0.87/share. Depending on the terms, we estimate an OA licence deal could add up to ~A$50m to our valuation.

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Positive clinical trial results for cancer vaccine

Regeneus (ASX: RGS), a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, today announced positive results from its Phase 1 safety trial of its cancer vaccine which met the primary endpoint of safety and tolerability. The study known as the ACTIVATE trial, is the first clinical trial of RGSH4K, the company’s autologous tumour vaccine product for the treatment of solid tumours.

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Regeneus: leveraging the power of MSC`s

Regeneus works to improve people and animals’ lives through the application of proprietary stem cell and immuno-oncology technologies.

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New hope for osteoarthritis sufferers

According to Arthritis Australia, there are more than 3.9 million people suffering with arthritis and, as the Australian population ages, this is expected to grow to 5.4 million by 2030. Unless more is done to prevent and better manage the condition the costs to the health system are expected to rise from $5.5 billion to $7.6 billion by 2030.

However, there is hope...

A recent Phase 1 knee osteoarthritis trial sponsored by Sydney-based biotech company Regeneus using its patented stem cell product Progenza, has now been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Translational Medicine.

Read the full article in The Australian Financial Review here.

Positive trial results of Progenza for knee osteoarthritis

Regeneus (ASX: RGS) today announced that the previously reported positive results from its Phase 1 safety trial of Progenza in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) have been published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

The STEP trial (Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of Progenza) is the first clinical trial of Progenza, the company’s allogeneic stem cell technology platform for the treatment of OA and other inflammatory conditions. The publication of the results in a well-respected journal further validates the trial results.

Read the full announcement on the ASX here.

Progenza granted Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product designation by European Medicines Agency

Regeneus (ASX:RGS), a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, today announced that Progenza has been granted an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) classification by the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), following consultation with the European Commission.

Progenza is the company’s allogeneic stem cell technology platform for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions for human applications.

“The granting of the ATMP classification for Progenza, is a step towards bringing Progenza to Europe as a novel cell therapy treatment for osteoarthritis. It’s important to have regulatory clarity as we invest in the development of Progenza,” said John Martin, CEO of Regeneus.

Read the full announcement on the ASX here.

Japanese Patent Office to grant patent for cancer vaccine technology

Regeneus (ASX: RGS), today announced that the Japanese Patent Office has issued a decision to grant a patent covering the use of cancer vaccine technology for the treatment of a range of cancers in humans and animals.

The Japanese Patent Office has issued a decision to allow a patent covering the company’s cancer vaccine technology for the treatment of cancer in humans and animals to be granted. The patent to be granted on Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-549902 entitled “Vaccines for the treatment or prevention of cancer and compositions for enhancing vaccine efficacy” will provide commercial rights in Japan through to 2033. A corresponding patent has been granted in Australia and corresponding patents are being pursued for grant in other key territories including the USA and Europe.

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ARM Sector Newsletter

Alliance Regenerative Medicine has released their first newsletter for the year. The newsletter provides a summary of recent activity in Regenerative Medicine.

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Regeneus appoints Japan-based non-executive director with extensive pharmaceutical industry experience

Regeneus (ASX: RGS), a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Leo Lee as an independent non-executive director of Regeneus with effect from December.

Leo is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical innovation, commercialization, regulation and policy development. He has worked in North America and Asia and has spent the last 12 years living and working in Japan. Leo is President of Merck Serono, Japan and was previously the President of Allergan, Japan.

View the full announcement via the ASX here.

Regeneus to attend BioJapan in partnership with AGC

Regeneus featured in the Australian Financial Review on 9 October 2017 (page 35). The story focused on the evolution of stem cell technology and how Japan has become a key market for our cell based regenerative medicine technologies.

This is a good forerunner for BioJapan, Japan's largest biotech and regenerative medicine conference to be held between 11-13 October in Yokohama. Regeneus will be participating in meetings to promote Progenza and Sygenus as well as continuing our discussions with potential licensing and marketing partners.

Read the full article in The Australian Financial Review here.

AGC to Expand Production Capacity at Its Subsidiary CMC Biologics Copenhagen, Denmark Facility

Tokyo, September 25, 2017– AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announces today that it has decided to increase its capacity at CMC Biologics, a 100% subsidiary of AGC. Specifically, five single use bioreactors with 2,000L volume will be built at the production site in Denmark, allowing for flexible production with scales from 2000L to 12000L in a single production suite.

The Bioreactor 6Pack can be run in single unit operations or in groups, simultaneously, sequentially or in staggered fashion to achieve desired production needs. Production is expected to be online in the third quarter of 2018.

The strategic expansion aims to meet the increasing demand for antibody drug development and production.

Read the full news release via AGC here.

Regeneus Ltd (ASX: RGS) ABN Interview with John Martin on Progenza and the Platform Technology

John Martin talks on the release of the financial results following the company's significant progress with Japanese partner AGC. John talks about the successful Progenza STEP trial and the granting of a Japanese patent for the company's Progenza platform technology.

Watch John's full interview with ABN Newswire here.

Regeneus achieves major milestones and secures critical Japan collaboration

John Martin, chief executive for Regeneus, speaks with Proactive Investors.

John Martin talks to Andrew Scott, Proactive Investors in London, discussing some of RGS' major achievements of FY17 in particular the critical Japanese collaboration with AGC, positive STEP Phase 1 results and IP protection for Progenza in Japan, which sets RGS up nicely for discussions with potential clinical partners.

Watch John's full video interview with Proactive Investors here.

Regeneus Focused on Developing Adipose - Derived Allogeneic MSC Product W/ Added Secretions

Regeneus is a firm that conducts research and development in adipose-derived cellular therapies for both human and veterinary use. In December 2016 the firm out-licensed the exclusive Japanese manufacturing rights for their adipose-derived allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) product, Progenza, to AGC Asahi Glass. In line with this development, the two firms established a joint-venture, Regeneus Japan, in Shibuya, to assist in their search for a commercialisation partner for Progenza in Japan.

On June 9, 2017 Regeneus’ CEO, Mr. John Martin, and the firm’s Head of Licensing and Alliances, Dr. Duncan Thomson, answered some of this newspaper’s questions on their plans for Japan.

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