A cell-free topical serum

A topical secretome-only product to reduce pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue repair. Sygenus is a cell-free topical serum and gel treatment for pain and inflammation derived from Adipose MSCs. Sygenus is composed of selective bioactive molecules from the secretome. It does not include the MSCs themselves.

Sygenus reduces pain and inflammation, while accelerating tissue healing and repair. Its safety and tolerability have been confirmed in human pilot studies.

Point of Difference

The multi-modal activity of the Secretome gives Sygenus a significant advantage as a topical application to not only provide long lasting relief from the sensation of pain, but modifying the cause of the pain.

Mechanism of Action

Sygenus contains a myriad of communication factors, some of which overlap in their role and some are specific. Each communication molecule has a target or receptor where it binds and provides a message to the system. In Sygenus we provide those messages via the skin, enhancing the body’s ability to decrease pain and inflammation and subsequent tissue repair. Sygenus acts on epidermal stem cells, keratinocytes and resident immune tissue to provide that repair. Skin wound healing is a complex and fine-tuned process that is broadly divided into three phases: the inflammatory, proliferative, and remodelling phases. Sygenus has the potential to optimise all three phases of wound healing due to their capacity to control inflammation, stimulate cell migration and proliferation, and even improve scarring.

3D artist interpretation of Cytokines

Research & Scientific Publications

A selected list of scientific publications related to Sygenus and Mesenchymal Signalling Cells (MSC) and their Secretome.

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Sygenus in Action

Sygenus is currently in pre-clinical study for skin wound healing and Regeneus is seeking collaborative partnerships to commence Phase I trial of Sygenus in skin wound healing.