• Regeneus Ltd HiQCell Joint Registry

    Regeneus publishes updated HiQCell Joint Registry Interim Report

    Dec 2014: Regeneus have published an updated HiQCell Joint Registry Interim Report, detailing further results from its ethics approved joint registry used to track the safety and effectiveness of HiQCell in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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  • Injection of the HiQCell stem cell therapy

    Regeneus receives ethics approval for collecting stem cells from human donors for first in-man safety trial of its off-the-shelf treatment for OA

    The approval allows RGS to begin manufacturing the cells for its first-in-man clinical trial to assess initial safety and preliminary efficacy in human volunteers with knee OA.

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  • Kvax canine cancer treatment now available to Australian dog owners;

    Regeneus has officially launched its therapeutic canine cancer vaccine, Kvax, in the Australian veterinary market.

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  • Stem cell therapy specialist at work

    Patent granted for protecting cryopreserved stem cells

    Regeneus has been granted a patent for a method of freezing cells that maintains viability and functionality of the cells.

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Improving quality of life through innovative cellular therapies

Regeneus is excited to announce that over 450 patients have now been commercially treated with our HiQCell® stem cell therapy.

These patients are captured within our Patient Joint Registry which allows us to continue to capture long-term data so that we can learn more of the treatment effects of HiQCell.

At Regeneus, we focus on improving quality of life through cellular therapies.

We develop and commercialise proprietary technologies for the preparation of autologous point-of-care and off-the-shelf cell therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal and other inflammatory conditions in humans and animals.

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