A paradigm shift in
cellular-based therapy
for regenerative medicine

Our platform technologies Progenza™ and Sygenus are novel approaches to pain, that leverage stem cells as cellular pharmacies and utilise Secretome as a therapeutic agent.

Our Technologies

The Science

MSCs and Secretome are the next frontier in targeting pain and inflammation. They combine to make a 'bioactive soup' that repurposes inflamed tissue at a site of injury, helping reduce pain and further tissue damage.

Product Pipeline

Our platform technologies Progenza™ and Sygenus represent a potential major paradigm shift in treating pain and inflammation at its source, by harnessing the power of MSCs and Secretome.

IP and Manufacturing

Our manufacturing techniques ensure cost-effective and high batch-to-batch consistency in our stem cell production. Alongside our research partners, we can scale up our platform technologies to meet market demand.

Our research and development partners